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Turning Tide in Concert!

One of the highlights of our entire experience with the film came towards the end of last year, when we attended Cinema in Concerto at the Auditorium Perco della Musica in Rome, to take in a live rendition of the music from Turning Tide! Performed by the prestigious Roma Film Orchestra and closing the Rome Film Fest, the concert featured music from the very best Italian film composers such as Ennio Morricone and our very own Marco Cascone.

Having been unable to attend the original recording session, we were extra excited to hear the music performed live. The orchestra played the piece stunningly, accompanied by a selection of shots from the film projected on a large cinema screen. Our congratulations and thanks go to Marco for doing such an amazing job on the score, and to the Associazione Compositori Musiche per Film (ACMF) for organising such a memorable evening. The event was recorded by a camera crew so we’re hoping we’ll be able to share the performance with you in the near future.

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