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Patrick McLaughlin

as David McKellar

Marianne McIvor

as Jean McKellar

Neal Roxburgh

as The Pilot


Stuart Falconer

Katrina Grieve

Peter Robertson



Written and Directed by

Andrew Muir


Producer and VFX Supervisor

David Ross

Music by

Marco Cascone

Lead Compositor

Haluk Tarcan

First Assistant Director

David Brown

First Assistant Camera

Caleb Wissun-Bhide

Sound Recordist

David McKeitch

Supervising Sound Editor

Jay Price

Hair and Makeup

Rose Angus



The visual effects of Turning Tide were created using traditional practical techniques not often used in modern films. Models of RAF Spitfires and German Heinkels were built in different scales, before being filmed on both indoor and outdoor sets.


By combining movement of the camera with puppetry of the model airplanes, the illusion of flight is created. The advantage to shooting practical miniatures is that it's possible to capture all of the textures, lighting and reflections in-camera for real, instead of relying on computer generated images.


The resulting sequence is one of the largest onscreen dogfights featuring miniatures within the past twenty years.



Principal photography for Turning Tide was shot on location in the town of Troon, on the west coast of Scotland.


With it's historic architecture and stunning coastal scenery, the town provided the perfect backdrop for the 1940s drama.



Turning Tide features a sweeping orchestral score by Italian composer Marco Cascone, recorded live by twenty-seven classical musicians.

The film's vibrant soundscape was created by Supervising Sound Editor Jay Price and his team at Halo Post Production in Soho, London. 


Mixed in Dolby Surround, the soundtrack offers a truly cinematic experience.



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